B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering finds application in all fields of engineering and technology. Mechanical engineers have always been needed as essential staff personnel in various industries of both public and private sector. As the Industrial sector has drastically risen in pace, the need for more mechanical engineers has increased exponentially.

Currently there are one CAD lab, one Mechatronics Lad, Measurement lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Heat transfer Lab, IC Engine, Workshop, Applied Mechanics Lab, among which one Petrol engine from Maruti, Turbines, and upcoming mini Power Plant will be of great attraction. The college offers a 4-years course of study leading to B. Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Vision of the Department Mechanical Engineering
To provide excellent education in computer science and engineering by building strong teaching and research environment for producing complete professionals.
Mission of the Department Mechanical Engineering
  •   To create and sustain an environment of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it effectively for professional career or higher studies.
  •   To facilitate quality placements and maintain employability for our students, who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible.
  •   To respond effectively to the changing needs of the IT industry and community as a whole.