Our Vision

To develop the Institute into a centre of excellence in technical education so as to produce the complete professionals satisfying the technical and socio­economic needs of the nation.

Our Mission
  •   To create and sustain an environment of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it with due     consideration of the social and economic issues.
  •   To respond effectively to the changing needs of industry and community as a whole.
  •   To demonstrate accessibility, equality of opportunity, motivation and high ethical and moral standards.
  •   To generate new knowledge by engaging in relevant research.
  •   To create a better future for all people through the application of innovative ideas and resources.
  •   To facilitate quality placements and maintain employability for our students, who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and     socially responsible.
  • Our History

    The college was established in the central jail premises at Berhampore on 19th July 1927 as Government Silk Weaving and Dyeing Institute to impart training to local artisans engaged in silk production and silk weaving in Murshidabad district under the administrative control of Directorate of industries, Government of West Bengal.

    The courses offered were, two years advanced course after matriculation and one year artisan course after class VIII standard with an intake of 30 students in each course.

    CTT (Now GCETTB in 1955)

    The institute was shifted to its present location at 4 Barrack Square (East) during 1932-33. The college was upgraded in 1940 with a new name Bengal Technological Institute with the introduction of 3 years diploma course (licentiate) in Textile Technology and a 2 year artisan course. Considering the general nature of the course the college was renamed as Berhampore Textile Institute in 1950.

    GCETTB in 1990

    In 1958, to meet the demands of Indian textile industries the college was rechristened yet again as College of Textile Technology, upgraded to a degree college with modernisation of syllabus, workshops and laboratories and an introduction of 3 years B. Sc. (Tech.) degree course in Textile Technology affiliated to the University of Calcutta. In 1963 a 4 year B. Sc. (Tech.) degree course was started. The college was subsequently brought under the administrative control of newly formed Directorate of Technical Education in 1972.

    GCETTB in 2015

    In 1998 the affliation was transferred to the University of Kalyani. B. Sc.(Tech.) degree was changed to B. Tech. as per AICTE norms.

    In 2001, the college was brought under the academic control of the West Bengal University of Technology. In the same year a new B.Tech. Course in Computer Science and Engineering was introduced. In the year 2002 the college was once again renamed as Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology.

    In 2004 & 2015 Textile Technology department of the institute was accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

    GCETTB in 2017