Reference No Description Date of Closing Download
436/2Q-3/18 CANCELLATION Of E-TENDER 21/06/2018
260(3)/p11/18 Procurement of books 04/05/2018
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2018-19/2 e-Tender for procurement of Electrical & Mechanical , Textile lab equipment, furniture, AC, Online ups , water cooler, computer etc 03/07/2018
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2018-19/1 e-Tender for procurement of furniture ,AC,Surveillance system, Network, workstation, Computer, projector, software, AMC services, lab equipment etc 03/07/2018
GCETTB/SP/PUR/1/2017-18 Tender for procurement DISPLAY MONITOR & AC 09/12/2017
GCETTB/SP/PUR/2/2017-18 Tender for procurement of AMC sevice of water plant & Lawn mawer 09/12/2017
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2017-18/4 e-Tender for procurement of Textile lab equipment,lab equipments, furniture ,Laptop, desktop PC, IP camera, Sound system Switch, Software etc 23/9/2017
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2017-18/3 e-Tender for procurement of Electrical & others lab equipment, furniture, AC,Online ups , water cooler, etc . 23/9/2017
2017_GCETT_119858_1 e-Tender for procurment of furniture, Surveillance system, work station, computer, software, Lab equipments, Security and AMC services. 05/08/2017
GCETTB/SP/PUR/7/2016-17 procurement of Digital podium , Electric drive lab equipment, Power system lab equipment, Microprocessor kit 07/11/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/6/2016-17 Tender for procurement of Digital podium & projector 07/11/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/4/2016-17 Tender for installation of online UPS 29/09/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/5/2016-17 Tender for installation of online UPS ,Battery & Furniture 29/09/2016
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2016-17/RE1 Re Tender for Installation of 30 Kw On-Grid Solar Power Plant 15/09/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/RE1/2016-17 re Tenders for AMC of Network and Procurement of Workstation. 01/09/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/RE1/2016-17 re Tenders for Procument of control lab equip. & drawing lab . 01/09/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/2/2016-17 Tenders for procurement of furniture . 01/08/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/3/2016-17 Tenders for AMC of Computer, & procurement of furniture 01/08/2016
GCETTB/SP/PUR/1/2016-17 Tenders for AMC of Network, AMC of Electrical lab equipments 01/08/2016
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2016-17/1 e-Tender procurement of furniture ,ac, online ups, network, workstation, software, lab equipment etc . 08/08/2016
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/2016-17/1f procurement of Electrical lab equipments ,Installation of 30 Kw On-Grid Solar Power Plant, notice board etc 08/08/206
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/RE1/2015-16 e-Tender for Hostel BED, furniture, Laptop, AC, Electrical LAB Equipment, Scanner etc. 27/07/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/9/2015-16 AMC of computer, RO water plant 20/07/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/8/2015-16 Class room Bench ,Repairing of Textile equipment, Servicing of arsenic plant 20/07/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/RE2/2015-16 Renovation & interior decoration of Chemistry Lab 02/07/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/7/2015-16 Renovation & interior decoration of rooms 02/07/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/RE1/2015-16 Retender for AMC of computer 25/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/6/2015-16 Tenders for purchasing of devices of Power electronics Group and others 25/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/5/2015-16 Tenders for purchasing of Textile Equipment & repairing of Textile equipment 25/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/4/2015-16 Tender for Renovation of Modular Hub for Chemistry & interior decoration of Chemistry Lab 18/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/3/2015-16 Purchasing of Book self, trolley, AMC of Network and surveillance system etc 18/06/2015
GCETTB/ET/SP/PUR/1/2015-16 e-Tenders for procurement of Hostel BED, furniture... 23/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/2/2015-16 Tender for AMC of Computer & Electical lab equipme... 11/06/2015
GCETTB/SP/PUR/1/2015-16 Procurement of water cooler,chair,stabilizer etc 11/06/2015